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Matthew Demmon
MKD32 Ltd –
Ekko Crushers

ekko glass recycling truck dumping

Uniquely, Ekko Glass Crushers are designed in collaboration with the glass recycling industry to produce highly recyclable glass "Super" cullet. The researched and developed design combines the space and safety requirements of the licenced establishment with the glass size and contamination requirements of the glass recycler and combines them in a robust and reliable machine.

For high yield glass recycling, glass should be broken into large discreet pieces which can be optically processed. The Ekko Glass Crushing Machine is the only glass breaker that deliberately sets out to create a cullet which is desirable to the glass recycler. The large broken pieces are recyclable, the volume is dramatically reduced compared to whole bottles and the crusher entry point has been designed for bottles in order to minimise the insertion of ceramic and pottery which contaminate glass stocks.

The glass crusher is a benefit to the glass recycler. Traditional glass crushers in this market broke glass into pieces that were too small for optical separation, condemning the glass to recycling into aggregate applications. Larger pieces can be sorted and decontaminated efficiently and at high yield allowing closed loop recycling and supporting the circular economy.

Glass can be infinitely recycled if it is collected, treated and prepared correctly. Unfortunately this is not always the case. However, the Ekko Glass Crushing Machine helps to re-introduce glass to closed loop glass recycling where it may have previously been lost in general waste, or crushed beyond the point that it could be economically reprocessed into high quality recyclate.

I support the Ekko Glass Crusher concept and am delighted to see it working successfully in action. The Hospitality Sector has traditionally been under-supported for glass recycling and the Ekko Glass Crushing Machine will help to increase the recovery of usable glass cullet from this important group of waste generators.

Matthew Demmon BEng MSc CEng MIChemE MCIWM FSGT
MKD32 Ltd
Glass Consultant